A veteran of World War II, he’d tell you to make the most of 2021.

Last week, on Tuesday January 5th, COVID-19 took my friend Allen Berns, a 92-year old US Coast Guard veteran who served in the South Pacific during World War II, after his fight with the disease over the past month (Obituaries: Allen Berns, Arizona Jewish Post).

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Allen Berns, US Coast Guard

I was not able to spend much time with him, but I did get the chance to hear his frequent advice “You have one go around in life. Enjoy it while you can.” …

Americans must be careful when choosing how they seek justice given the disparities of the justice system they would use.

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Please no more. Stop tweeting to fix headlines and photo captions to identify today´s attack on the US Capitol building and the US elected leadership as the work of ¨terrorists.¨

Just stop already. Everyone knows those protestors/rioters/houseguests were not ¨terrorists.¨ You can quote Merriam-Webster and draw analogies to other violent organizations that have been designated as terrorists, but there´s fairly incontrovertible proof that today´s assailants of both the physical institution and the philosophical heart of our democracy should not be classified as terrorists.

If today was terrorism, talking heads on cable news would not be discussing how strong the statements…

Does Spotify have a Boogaloo problem?

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A screenshot of one of several Boogaloo-related user-created playlists on Spotify.

While companies like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter have recently been active in removing the pages and accounts of “Boogaloo Bois,” a movement of Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, gun-toting, Civil War 2-anticipating domestic extremists in the United States, for organizing and glorifying violence on their sites, one company’s platform is giving this movement its soundtrack.

A search of Spotify has revealed dozens of user-created playlists that feature “Boogaloo Boi”-related titles, descriptions, and cover art memes. While many are full of rap-rock standards from your typical late-90's OzzFest moshpit or protest songs from the Vietnam War era, these playlists — labelled as “music to fight…

Citizen Clinic is a public-interest cybersecurity clinic housed in the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC). The clinic supports interdisciplinary teams of students to build the capacity of politically vulnerable organizations to defend themselves against online threats.

Today, Citizen Clinic published the Citizen Clinic Cybersecurity Education Center (www.citizenclinic.io), a GitHub site to share resources that can help others build on our model and establish security clinics in their respective institutions. The site includes past and current Citizen Clinic curricula, reading lists, and syllabi, as well as a link to our Baseline Organizational Security Guide.

Below is a Q&A with…

As global shelter-in-place regulations continue, the mission of UC Berkeley’s Citizen Clinic to protect the digital security of civil society organizations is as important as ever. In this CLTC Medium post, Deputy Director Steve Trush reflects on the transition to a virtual environment and the people and communities who are supporting Citizen Clinic in the time of the coronavirus.

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A screenshare of a lecture slide on phishing simulations via Jitsi teleconferencing software.

Despite the global lockdown due to COVID-19, NGOs, journalists, and activists around the world continue to advocate for their communities or hold power accountable. Unfortunately, this section of civil society will continue to be targeted for political purposes — they are…

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A talk delivered at NICE 2019. Thanks to New America and its PIT-UN program.

These are my notes from a talk that I gave at the 2019 NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I was invited by Ian Wallace and Andreen Soley of New America to showcase Citizen Clinic, one of the public interest cybersecurity education initiatives within New America’s Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN).

Today, I’m going to talk about Citizen Clinic, a program I help run at UC Berkeley’s Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, which is largely centered around a graduate-level course we’ve offered for the last three semesters at Berkeley’s School of Information. …

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UC Berkeley campus. (pc: me)

Back in July, sitting in a hotel room in Indonesia catching up on local Bay Area news, I read in a Berkeleyside article that three people were shot just south of the UC Berkeley campus. While a shooting so close to campus is certainly distressing, I would not say this is entirely unexpected on Berkeley’s south side. …

Steve Trush

Head of @WestCountyLabs. Formerly @CLTCBerkeley’s Citizen Clinic and @CTSPBerkeley at @BerkeleyISchool. Human rights and privacy advocate at @SecureJustice.

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